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Gifts Personalized Just for You!

About Us


It all started with a hairbrush!


We were teenagers in the 1980’s, wearing bright colors, penny loafers and monogrammed cardigans, our style based largely on The Preppy Handbook.    After college, Julie married and spent several years in pharmaceutical sales, while Ann too married and worked briefly in commercial real estate.  However, soon both turned their focus to their own growing families, eventually ending up with 11 children between them!






Knowing that the “most” personal gift you will ever give your children is their name, Julie and Ann independently gravitated toward monogrammed and appliquéd clothing and products for their kids.   Especially in a big family, with its many hand-me-downs, it is always nice to have something “personal”, something just for you!  With this in mind, Julie decorated hairbrushes for her daughters, with their initials in brightly colored vinyl.


And, so began a business!  Soon, friends were asking for hairbrushes for their children, as well as other monogrammed products.   The few made-at-home vinyl monograms grew to a website and showroom with, not only vinyl monogrammed products, but an exciting variety of stitched and appliquéd gifts, as well.  Our mission is to bring “personalized”, unique, quality gifts to our friends, who, in this tech-savvy world of mass production, are looking for a more “personal” side to things!


Ann and Julie